My name is Adam Mark Lyons and I am currently 17 years old studying the NextGen course at Sunderland College. I have always had a love for games but I find the the process involved with making them much more interesting, I have high expectations for this course, to give me an in-depth understanding of the Games and Movie industry, more specifically, Games, animation and VFX. Some of my personal favourite games companies include Bethesda Games Studios, Rockstar, Naughty Dog, and Sony Santa Monica as they are responsible for my childhood obesity, playing countless hours of games such as; The Fallout series, Elder Scrolls series, Red Dead series, Crash Bandicoot, The God of war series and The Last of Us. Having recently learnt more about visual effects companies I have discovered the works of Industrial light & Magic, Double negative, Framestore.

At the start of the course I am currently focusing on 3D modelling, environmental art and Character design.I hope to pursue a job following one of these areas as this is what interests me the most, however we will still be covering a wide variety of subject areas, including programming, Industry (both movie and game based), VFX and many more. Drawing from such a young age, the opportunity to be creative whilst still doing what I love both intrigues and excites me and I am looking forward to seeing what else the course has to offer.