Final Portfolio

So, I’ve taken some time away form the project to get ready for the portfolio presentation that is happening next week, compared to last year where I presented in power point, I decided to do a complete overhaul of my portfolio and instead upload all of my artwork to ArtStation, I’ve heard from many that this is the best and most professional way for artists both from movies and games to showcase their work.

Now knowing what I want to do, I went through every single one of my models, took new renders, made a slide showing the general information and showing Uv maps as well as topology, and then as an extra I also uploaded a marmoset viewer for each of them. Overall this was for 14 models so it took a while of tedious boring tasks, but I’m very proud of the outcome and with more than 50 likes already it’s made me very happy!

Here’s an example layout.

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Drinks Globe

And then an added marmoset viewer below that.

Here’s the link to my updated portfolio!

Synoptic Project: Production part 21

Probably the last post that I’m going to be able to make before moving onto portfolio making and sadly it’s also going to be a quick one, I have been making the drinks for the drink globes since last week and they’ve been nice and small models, nothing too complicated so it was nice and a little less stressful than the last few weeks, especially since I’m only just starting to feel better. Anyway, moving onto the models, these were all completed within two days so they are by no means anything special, but at the same time, I am very happy with how I was able to adapt the labels that I found online to fit a more stylised theme as well as make the bottles themselves quite stylised.

Overall I’m quite happy with them since I was able to give them all quite a distinguishable shape and colour, however, after spending a lot of time on the labels to make them stylised and to fit the theme, I remembered that the bottles can’t be officially labelled as alcohol, so…… damn…… I suppose I can just remove the labels for the final version of the game but I am happy with these to go with my portfolio.


As for everybody else, as you can see they are really making headway now, I assume in preparation for when we have to make our portfolios by the end of this week, obviously I can’t complain with how great everyone is doing and Eve and Caitlin are already onto the Portfolios!

Synoptic Project: Production part 21

Hands, Hands, Hands…. Still battling my illness, it’s gotten to the point where I feel so guilty as to the small amount of work that has been done that I’ve dragged myself over and forced myself to finish the hand models off… luckily the model was quite close to being finished already so it only needed some topology touch ups and then the Uv unwrapping before moving onto texturing! Texturing I find quite relaxing anyway so it was quite an easy task to do whilst ill. I’ll post the finished images below and then move onto my thought process throughout the model.

Hands 1.jpgHands 2.jpg

So whilst working on these I wanted to try and stick to the stylised, sort of cartoonish vies that we have going on with the project, to do this, I kid of gave them both a kind of blocky look, and then tried to add as many subtle hand painted features as I could. I was happy that I was also able to keep the poly count low whilst doing this! I think the biggest challenge with the model was to make the back of the hand interesting compared to the more padded and defined look of the front of it. Originally the back was very flat and one block colour, with the use of Substance Painter I was able to do some very very slight bone definition from the fingers and also darker colours between to emphasise that just a little bit more. As for the front of the hand, I found it a lot simpler once in Substance I had already made a lot of alterations to the high poly model when in Maya, so it was mainly just the job of creating the slight AO and faint veins that you can see.

Now that these are finished, I can now move onto smaller items with a lot less stress! I will be starting on the drinks to go in the drinks globe!

Synoptic Project: Production part 19

So since I was severely unorganised and let myself get so far behind with the making of 3 models at the same time, I have fixed one them now with finishing of the mirror model and now I need to finish the bane of my life… The drinks globe. There have been many, many, many issues with the texturing of this model, mainly because of the way that the globe itself works since its cut through the middle, that means I need to texture it the same way if I don’t want a horrible looking seam through the middle of the model, I needed to texture the top and bottom half, unfortunately every single image that I look to on the internet to get an accurate map is textured the opposite way, perfect if I were texturing the left and right side but the way that the Uvs unwrap, it can’t happen.

Throughout the week since Tuesday, I’ve been working hard trying to figure out a solution to this, what I ended up doing was very tedious… but it worked so I can’t complain! I ended up finding a map online that I made sort of stylised with less defined outline, making it look sort of cartoonish, then I made them into alphas and cropped out 6 large areas to which I stamped onto the globe Uvs within Substance Painter, what a pain…

Even though I wanted to get it done on Tuesday, I think it was necessary to spend the extra three days on it to get it to the standard that I am happy with. Here is the finished product!

Globe 1.jpg

Very happy with the end product, although it was slightly over the limit on Polys, I tried to stay within the limit but found it very difficult when it came to how curved the object is on a whole. Sadly we didn’t make anymore scrum minutes for this week but everyone is more or is still working on the same thing, also, next week’s post will be quite short and sweet since I will be unable to work due to a trip to Animex! very excited about that and we’ll be gone the whole week!

Synoptic Project: Production part 18

3 models on the go at one time, not good at all….. So, throughout the last week I decided to fix at least one of them, that one being the Mirror, the main issue recently has been making legs for the model as anything I attempted to make was looking odd and as if they didn’t belong to that style. I ended up settling on a design that looks the best out of anything that I had tried before that, a design that sort of emphasises the stylised/cartoonish vibe that we are going for with the project. Here is the finished product!

As you can see the Mirror has been modelled so that when the player is able to find the hammer in the room, they can then take it over to the intact mirror and then the mesh will be replaced with the broken one! simple but effective! if the player is able to do this they can then get an easy solution to my chess table puzzle! spoilers for the blog check! Don’t be spilling the beans for anyone else. Overall I am so proud with this model, it has been the strangest shaped model that I have ever created and although it’s been challenging it’s also made my skills greater, especially in the ways of Normals in my opinion, I am very proud with the pattern that I was able to create at the bottom and the top of it.

As for what everybody else is doing, let’s take a look at the minutes!


Marc finished his amazing deer! the model looks both amazing in renders and in engine with the work that he did in Zbrush! Here’s render of it!


Eve and Caitlin are hard at work on the pages of the art book which needs finishing soon! As for Nikki, finishing models as fast as ever! here’s some of her amazing work.

Wall Mount.png

Sadly there isn’t a render of her dart board that I can show but I will as soon as possible! And for Kelly, still doing amazing wizardry to make this all work so I can’t complain there!

Synoptic Project: Production part 17

After the MVP check yesterday, I went to go and finish both the globe and the mirror, but it’s never that easy is it…. there have been a few issues moving files that I’ve worked on from Marc’s computer over to any others, we’ve talked about it and we literally have no idea how or what is happening. Any model I seem to work on, I’d bring it over and the model itself would be missing from the scene, the Maya version is 2018 on both PCs and if I export the model it’s fine but it’s just not when I save the file and take it to another PC. Weird… Which Is why my Scrum Minutes consist of this!


So I moved onto the hands task…. What an absolute nightmare… But a fun challenge all the same! I’ve made several iterations of the hands throughout the day, getting feedback from Matt and I think I am either at a point or very close to a point that I am very happy with taking to Zbrush to work on the high poly model.

I think the last thing that needs doing is that I make the lower part of the palm more meaty as it would be in real life, as for the blocky look that I’ve given them, that’s intentional to make them fit the scene more in a stylised sort of way, obviously coupled with how they’ll be textured as well.

Hands 2.JPG

Hands 1.JPG












Since it’s the last blog before the check, I’ve decided to extend this post a little bit more with a few thoughts about how things are going and with an updated burn down chart as well, as for general progress, I feel like I’m letting the team down a little at the minute, a lot of models on the go and none of them are completed and everyone else is on track at the moment which makes me feel like i’m letting them down that little bit more.


What makes me a little bit better about the situation is the burn down chart, since we got rid of quite a few models we’re quite comfortably ahead of schedule, I will make sure that these models are finished by next Monday, I feel bad about being behind at the moment and I need all the time I can get to try and work out these hands to model to a standard that looks good in engine. So yeah! Can’t argue with anyone else but myself! This will be fixed very soon though I promise you that.

Synoptic Project: Production part 16

Moving on from last week, I regret to say that my Computer has been sent away for the second time since this project has started which has stopped me working on my own computer for a straight week again, thankfully I have had Marc’s computer to be able to work on both the globe and the mirror in my free time, sadly only the modelling was able to be done as I wasn’t exactly going to try and sort out the faff of licences between two PCs, I will try my best to get the both of the globe and mirror and models textured and finished by the end of tomorrow, I feel like they need to be because of how behind I am now, those models should be finished now with me starting the third (that being the hands).


As for everyone else, they’re still making awesome progress which makes me feel even more behind, even though some of it hasn’t been in my power, it’s time to step it up a gear! This is what the globe looks like, it was a particularly hard model to make look stylised for the scene, but at the same time I think that the stylised look can be given in the texturing, especially with the globe, I plan on texturing it in a way that makes it look both drawn and very colourful stylised in the way it’s made.



It’s later in the day and I completely forgot to mention anything about our MVP check that we were having today! I ended up shoving some base colours on the globe and putting it in engine just to show the model for the MVP check! We also had quite a large group of lecturers marking it today, Mike and all! Overall there wasn’t any big negatives or anything! just loads of little awesome ideas that would only improve the game so much more, we have spoken about it after and are definitely considering them all! Here’s all the feedback below!


Synoptic Project: Production part 14

Throughout last week I was able to adapt the picture frame to a point that I was very happy with, I did not finish the model however because when coming to the end of it I was curious as to whether or not it was going to be standing by itself or whether it would be places on the wall and Kelly made the awesome point that it would fill the room more if it was standing as opposed to just on the wall, I was happy that in the end I was able to make it from the frame though, it almost makes it look like it’s from the same set? or that it fits a theme? Which is what would happen if you were to buy items for a room . Now, having saidd that legs would be better, I moved onto making them and since the bottom of the frame is so curved, it was very difficult to make and I wasn’t able to get it to a standard that I was comfortable with, I will post it later at the bottom and have a little talk about it. But for now, this week’s scrum!

snip 6.JPG

As you can see, everyone is still doing fine, Eve did an awesome drawing for Marc for the design of the hunter’s trophy, Nikki finished the Tower of Hanoi which looks amazing as well! I will post both below. I also have an in engine screenshot of Marc’s window looking great in the scene as well!





Eve was able to draw the cutest things to have been hunted and put on the wall, back to my model, it was also mentioned today that a clue can be used with the mirror, as I have previously made a box that was able to be destroyed in Unity, I was happy to make a mirror that could also be shattered to reveal a clue behind it, I understand that Matt will be marking this so no telling!


There is the mirror to the left of the picture frame with the legs started at the bottom, next is to make two separate models of the glass that will go into it, one that’s smashed and one that’s whole.

Synoptic Project: Production part 12

Ahhhhh the last blog about group progress before the check on Monday, it’s a nice feeling to say the least, probably the best part of the week of stress that I have had to catch up to the MVP deadline, but thankfully I did it! The last model that I had to work on was a photo frame that includes one of the paintings that Eve did of the manor house owner and wife, it was quite a hard model to do to get the curvature around the edges and it was the first model that I was using mirroring throughout to make sure that the symmetry was exact, it was definitely one of the more stylised models with it’s shape.

Overall the model was also done reasonably quickly (thank God) because of the mirroring feature, this is something I will definitely be taking more advantage of in the future, I did have to make the texture size 2048×2048 to make sure that the art work could be seen at it’s full detail.

snip 4.JPG

As you can see the scrum minutes were last updated was when I updated the last blog as well, so this is actually being made on the Sunday before blog check now having finished all MVP models and ready to start working on our stretch goals tomorrow! As for group progress, sadly we are still behind but there is good reason for that that is shown above so there still aren’t any worries on my behalf!

And finally, here’s my final MVP model all finished!

Frame 1.pngFrame 2.png