Imagined Worlds – Industrial Cardboard Box Final thoughts

This post will be quite short as this model did not take that long to complete either, it turned out to be quite a fun model to texture considering that the Low Poly was planes welded together to make a damaged looking box, the High Poly was just a smoothed version of this, I would add most of the detail in the texturing process, this was done because just like the trash bag, many would be placed in the back alley.

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For this model I was able to find two awesome materials on Substance share, the first being the cardboard itself, it allowed me to decide how damaged the material was to show the textured underneath and also how water damaged it was, I then was also able to find a duct tape material which I adapted using masks to effect the area that I wanted, this made it possible for me to make it look like it was placed in certain areas that look like it was believably placed on.

I also found authentic stickers that would be put on boxes when shipping like “this way up” and “fragile” alongside the location of it’s destination on the top. Overall, I am very happy with how good the texturing has made this Low Poly model look.

Imagined Worlds – Manhole cover Final thoughts

For this particular model I was able to learn a new program which in turn helped optimise this model to the best it can be, to create the model I found a great image online of a NYC manhole cover, more specifically the one shown below. I then was able to use the program called XNormals to create a Normal Map from a height map that I was able to create within Photoshop.

Image result for nyc manhole cover


Sewer height 2.png

I knew when making my Low Poly model I wanted to make this as low as I could get it just as I did when I created the cardboard box and the trash bag, this is what made me want to pursue learning XNormals as this is what they used within Star Wars: Battlefront. It would also allow me to make high quality models faster in the future by spending just a little bit longer learning the process for this one.

Then, I imported this to use as an alpha within Substance Painter which allowed me to use it to effect the Height and Normals of the base model that I had, once I did this, I added an old iron material along with some believable dirt to then make this.


Into this,


Since I was able to learn so much and get a great result, I am very happy with the final product, it is now in the scene looking great with Kelly’s added steam.


Imagined Worlds – Trash bag final thoughts

This model I am quite proud of, this is because I took the time and effort to create and sculpt the High Poly within Zbrush before taking it into Maya to make the Low Poly mesh, this was quite strange but a great learning process as I usually make the High Poly form the Low Poly model.

Here are the renders of the final model:

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Above is the final textured model, this model is 200 – 300 Tris, I knew I wanted to make it this low as many would be potentially in the scene, however I was most impressed that I could take this down from a 4.5 Million poly sculpt. The main things I learnt to do this were in the modelling stage of the creation, the texturing was quite a simple job. By using the re-topology tool within Zbrush, to make the topology very nice, I then tried to use it to lower the poly count but I found that it made the knot of the bag way too low for my liking, to fix this I took it into Maya and used the Live mesh tool to create a Low Poly model on top of the High Poly itself.

With the amount of things I learnt during the creation of this model and how it looks within the scene I overjoyed with how the model looks.

Creative and Technical Model – Final Grade

Reference to my submission:

Creative and Technical Model – Final Submission

This will be my final post on my Creative and Technical model, the post will be mainly just showing my final grade and feedback on the model, then my thoughts on both of those. So, here are my grades!

Feedback 1


Very high standard shown throuyghout all your work. You have used your research images to create drawings that have skillfully allowed you to conceive and create your final asset. Your topology is neat throughout and your model is incredibly accurate. The silhouette is strong and this is a real hero peice when it is placed in the scene. Your bake has worked well even though there were some issues with smaller parts. You need to look into UV optimistation further, it is not practical to use 3x2k texture sets for an environment asset – this would be okay in a rendered animation/vfx film but for games we would want to optimise further. You can do this by overlapping uvs – Maya 2018 has some really good stack features to make this process easier. You could split the main pole into equal sections and then overlap the UVs for each section; the screws should all be identical and overlapped; the traffic lights on the top. You may well have done some of this but always think about optimisation for your UVs when building your meshes – its getting the right balance between optimisation, variation and detail. The texture work you do have is fantastic and brings a lot of character to your model and the weathering is well balanced. The presentation of your project is fantastic also, you should be really proud of your work on this project and all other models that have gone into the imagined worlds project!


Overall, I am very happy with the result of my model, receiving a purple never fails to make my day! I spent such a long time on it that I am so pleased it finally paid off. As for my feedback, I knew that the fact that I have 3 X 2k textures used would be a big negative, throughout my other models I have made sure to fix this and I wish I knew how to use certain tools like I do now to be able to make it truly industry standard.

As for my positives, the fact that everything that was complimented were also the things that I focused immensely throughout the model’s creation, so to see that it didn’t go unnoticed is a very big bonus for me!

In the future I hope to maintain the level of detail I was able to reach with this model whilst also optimising it to the best it can be, thanks Matt!


Imagined Worlds: MVP Feedback

Today we received our feedback for our MVP deadline!


Here is what the feedback says:

“Fantastic work. The project looks brilliant and the camera work is really good. Look at the intensity of your neon signs during the day and tinker with the settings on your steam particles. It was difficult to pick out the in-world sounds, so possibly add more and exaggerate them (or tone the music down?). The models are great and the the style and texture of everything has been managed really well. Look to add even more subtle movements, like the barber shop sign, the parking meter dial and the bus stop lights.”

In result of this, we went through after and added to our job list that is on trello to create a more updated version which will be posted below.


I personally am over the moon with our feedback! Considering that only little things were picked out and can be added. Now that this has been updated I have personally taken on the role of adding the manhole covers which was something that I intended on doing since the start of the project since I made the street asset, this obviously along with the trash bags and industrial boxes that I plan on making as street rubbish within the scene. As for the rest of the group, Mark, Marc and Kelly have spent the day finding out how to add bloom to the lights within the scene. Marc also says he will re create the Menu system as he no longer enjoys it.

Tonight I intend to start making the trash bags that will litter the street, I still need to decide on whether or not to sculpt the model within Zbrush.

Creative and Technical Model – Final Submission

Here are links to all previous posts on this project:


Since receiving feedback on my model, which is linked above, I have spent a lot of time looking at examples of how to present a portfolio ready model since that was my main part of my feedback for receiving a good mark for my C and T model, I eventually came up with the design shown below for my main asset page.

slide 1.JPG

Here is the full PowerPoint below with my full process and the link to the Marmoset Viewer .

C and T PowerPoint

Although I did not have many major issues with the making of this model, I did  find the process of making it had taken me many hours to create which was understandable so I could get the model to such a standard that I was more than happy about.

The one issue that I did have with the creation of this is that the bake and textures looked quite low quality in some places, with a bit of help from Matt we discovered that it was since the model was quite large and when laying the Uvs out, although I made sure the texel density was correct throughout and there was no stretching, this meant smaller objects like the screws and fixings looked a bit too low quality for my liking. We eventually fixed this by increasing the smaller objects size in the Uvs and putting them on another map, although I would have liked to achieve this using less Uv space, in the end I think it was necessary to get a great level of detail throughout and since Matt suggested it I am glad he agreed.

Here are a few in engine screenshots of it: