Synoptic Project: Production part 12

Ahhhhh the last blog about group progress before the check on Monday, it’s a nice feeling to say the least, probably the best part of the week of stress that I have had to catch up to the MVP deadline, but thankfully I did it! The last model that I had to work on was a photo frame that includes one of the paintings that Eve did of the manor house owner and wife, it was quite a hard model to do to get the curvature around the edges and it was the first model that I was using mirroring throughout to make sure that the symmetry was exact, it was definitely one of the more stylised models with it’s shape.

Overall the model was also done reasonably quickly (thank God) because of the mirroring feature, this is something I will definitely be taking more advantage of in the future, I did have to make the texture size 2048×2048 to make sure that the art work could be seen at it’s full detail.

snip 4.JPG

As you can see the scrum minutes were last updated was when I updated the last blog as well, so this is actually being made on the Sunday before blog check now having finished all MVP models and ready to start working on our stretch goals tomorrow! As for group progress, sadly we are still behind but there is good reason for that that is shown above so there still aren’t any worries on my behalf!

And finally, here’s my final MVP model all finished!

Frame 1.pngFrame 2.png

Synoptic Project: Production part 11

My computer died, AGAIN…. Having spent the majority of my week at the NEC, which by the way was a great experience to meet big names on the Nextgen course and get the word out about not only how good it is but show off our work to the public, we had a lot of interested students in the course as well! Which made me very happy that they were interested because of the work that was showcased which was partially mine!

Anyway, back to the issue at hand, I turned on my computer after getting back for it to repeatedly turning itself on and off, the exact same issue that I had the last time… So, I am currently using one of Marc’s computers to do my work. I have only just started the Desk chair because of all this and have been quite occupied trying to sort this, I just hope that by next week I will have it back to be able to finish my MVP models in time for the start of college again.

Here is how everyone else is getting on!

snip 6.PNG

Since I can only install the software required for completing models on limited PC’s, like substance etc, I am planning on only completing the modelling and Uving of at least this model on Marc’s computer whilst mine is getting repaired. Other than that, as you can see above, people have been a lot more productive than myself since getting back or their time off in general, I still am going to make sure that I will  finish all MVP tasks by the time we break up though. Since we are only doing one scrum whist we are off, I will make sure that I include the finished chair model in this to flesh it out a little more than what it would be without it.


It is now half way through the second week of our holidays but I got my computer returned to me yesterday and worked into the night to make sure that I got the chair modelled finished and textures, after modelling it, I brought it over t make sure that everything was okay before texturing and I’m glad I did, the save must’ve messed up some how and some topology messed up when opening it back up so I spent quite a bit of time fixing that before moving onto texturing. I have to say I am so happy with both the bake and how this model turned out , I have never doe something like a soft leather surface before and although it was difficult at times, like with the buttons for example, the  process definitely allowed me to learn a lot. Here are a few renders!

Chair 1.pngChair 2.png

Synoptic Project: Production part 10

Since finishing the desk lamp last week, Kelly has since took it into engine and it looked great! there were a few issues with taking the opacity over but it has since been fixed, it also has been made so that once the flame hits the collider of the glass it stops the particle system so that the fire does not just clip through the entire thing, it was also made so that the flame always travels upwards like it would in reality. As for what I have done in the week, I moved onto the Chandelier model to try and catch up to our MVP deadline, I was able to model the majority of it from adapting the handle of the lamp model to then be made into the handle for the all of the lights stems, to compare I will post both below, I am making this blog on the night of Monday though so I have actually finished the model now so I will post both finished models below to compare to.

Lamp 1.png

Chandelier 2.png








As you can see above, I pretty easily adapted the handle to be able to make most of the model at a very fast rate, however this is only to MVP standard at the minute as the stands for the lights also share the UV space with all of the other ones and that meant for the big one in the middle that it shows the AO information from around where the light holders are supported, to fix this I will spend time most likely after moving to stretch as an extra thing for me, it really isn’t noticeable in engine but it would annoy me if I kept it that was for my portfolio.

As for everyone else’s progress, I am happy to say that everyone is making awesome progress! No issues really! But the next blog won’t have much to it, a portion of our group has been chosen to man the booth at Insomnia 64 this week for 4 days and help represent Nextgen! I will attempt to be as productive as I can though.

snip 4.PNG


Synoptic Project: Production part 9

Tuesday was rather productive but problematic at the same time, that’s why the blog is being made today instead of on the day. To begin with, after finishing the model for the lamp, I moved onto Uv unwrapping and texturing, the Uv wrapping went fine. I was able to get all the model onto one 1024×1024 texture, however when moving onto texturing, since the model is largely opaque I added the opacity to the substance file and then the texture that we have been using with all models on the project so far forced the whole model to go opaque, this was without actually turning opacity on the material, so today was actually spent doing a lot of fixing to get that to work, the fix that we were actually able to find was turning on the opacity for every part of the material which SHOULD in a normal world have turned the opacity for the material on, but instead did the opposite and turned it off. Anyway, I have finished the model now so here is a render of what the finished product is.

Lamp 1.png

I am extremely happy with the model overall, there were no issues with anything apart from the texture problem explained above, I personally feel as if I have achieved a look that makes it look like it has been used and abused a little bit throughout the year with the burning on the upper part of the glass and the various spots of dirt on the model as well.

snip 3.PNG

As you can see everyone pretty much were still working on the models from Monday on Tuesday so there are no updates there but that’s expected from only having a days work in between scrums.

Synoptic Project: Production part 8

So from last week, obviously from the update that I put on the end of the blog, you know that I have finished the Desk model, since then I put a bit of research and looked at the designs concepted by Caitlin for the desk lamps and finally decided on the type of lamp I wanted to make from those designs, this is the one I finally decided on below.


Looking at this concept from Caitlin it stood out to me in the way that it is curved and more exaggerated in it’s design which will fit the theme of the scene the most in my opinion, so, deciding this I also started the low poly and as shown in my scrum notes below, I will hopefully finish this today and update the blog with a screenshot of it below.

snip 3.JPG

As for the rest of the groups progress, Marc ended up finishing all of the modular assets for the scene! This really helped getting us closer to being on track but we are sadly still behind, same is said as last week though, I have no doubts we will catch up!! As for the rest of us, we are catching up with work but hopefully it isn’t too late that we can’t catch up for the MVP deadline, we were given the 2 weeks of Easter off though so if it comes to it I can always work through that!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As you can see from the screenshots above, I have tried my best  to keep to the design shown above but also have taken from real world examples as well, I modelled it with the crank on the side separate so that the player will be able to turn it themselves when in the game. I have included two images, one of the smooth preview and the other of the low poly version highlighted so that you can see the topology if you wish.


Synoptic Project: Production part 7

There hasn’t been much of an update on my behalf from yesterday, still working on the desk and plan on finishing that by the end of the day! Since I plan on that and the blog would be rather short otherwise, I will post the scrum minutes below but then update it later with the finished model and my final thoughts on it. As for everyone else Nikki has been making some awesome progress on her wall safe and plans on doing keys today as well! I will post them below once she finishes as well!




As for the Caitlin, Eve and Kelly, they’re making awesome progress and plodding along with all their stuff as usual and Marc is already making good progress with the Modular models and feels confident about getting them done for next week! More detail on everyone’s work here!

snip 2.JPG


So it’s late the same day but I have finally finished the desk model to a standard I am happy with, doing so I feel more confident and faster at doing the hand painted wooden textures, which is proven in the speed that I got it done compared to the crazy amount of time it took me to do the chess table. Here are some images below.Desk 1Desk 2

Altogether I am very happy with the product that I got compared to the time that it took to create it, I will hopefully be uploading a video in an upcoming blog post to give an in engine look at the models I have created.


Synoptic Project: Progress thoughts part 1

This is the second time I’ve wrote out this blog now, the first time did not save or even auto save like it should have so yeah, close to an hour has been wasted. But anyway, the blog check is coming up and to meet the quota of 6 I thought that a post about my thoughts on our progress might be good way to end to stay up to date with my thoughts on both mine and the groups progress, so, how are things going?

I think the best way to put it is that things are starting to look up, the concept artists and Kelly are making great progress with their work! however I think the 3D modellers are finding the first 2 weeks of production tough, either that has been for illness as I think just about everyone has been ill in our group within a month but also in finding our feet with the stylised hand painted look that we are going for.

However, having finished my first model now I can safely say that doing this is making us better in every way, not only expanding our knowledge but making us more efficient modellers. Particularly with the Uvs we have learnt that we NEED to be the most efficient we can be, obviously we were efficient before but now no space can go unused, to show just how efficient we have had to be I have posted an image of my Uvs for the Chess Table.


As you can see, not a lot of space that isn’t used, not only that but we were allowed to use 2048×2048 textures instead of 1024×1024 on the larger models so that they stay as detailed and look as good as the smaller models. But anyway, the MVP deadline that we have set ourselves is coming up in a couple of weeks and each modeller has to have a total of 6 complete by then, that means two a week! fun! But at the same time I am excited to do so after completing the first one! The next blog should be about my progress on the desk model that I am now completing the Uvs for!

Synoptic Project: Production part 5

Since not much has changed since the last blog I am going to make this an ongoing blog throughout the rest of the week, although from your perspective you probably won’t  know but I think it is needed since it would be rather short and I plan on getting quite a bit done this week, the chess board will be completely finished along with the low and even potentially high poly of the Desk model as well which I am currently working on.


As for today, this is currently how people are getting along, slow but steady still on the modelling behalf, I think we will all be happy to see the back of our current models so that we can move onto completing the rest at a faster rate, however the artists and the Kelly are making awesome progress with their stuff!


For the first update further in the week, although the week is almost up it has been spent mostly on the Chess table, I made the Uvs more efficient, changed the sizing and also started to get the hand painted texture look onto it, I have found that part the most difficult, I started with the wood grain that’re on the side panels but went for a look that was a bit too much to begin with, making it look way too exaggerated and not what I wanted to go for. Here’s that result.

wood 2.JPGwood 1.JPG

Too much right?? by the end of finishing it I was thinking that too and the rest of my group agreed when I showed them, so, I took inspiration from Sea of Thieves, I personally absolutely adore the art style, everything looks both hand painted and sculpted in a cartoonish way but also not too cartoonish at the same time which made me think it would be the perfect inspiration for how I tackled this, I edited it’s normals in a way that sort of made it look sculpted but then also added more detail in the colours used. Here was the final result.

wood 4.JPGwood 3.JPG

In my opinion this is more subtle that gives the look that I wanted to achieve close to wood but not too much that it makes the rest of the surfaces look bare. As for the Desk update, I have completely finished the modelling process and I will be starting the Uv unwrapping next! here is a screenshot of it.


Synoptic Project: Production part 4

Ahhhhh the feeling of finishing the first asset for the project is a good feeling I’m not going to lie, this being the Chess pieces that I started last week, although I had the intention of working on my chess table, I was so in the mood for finishing these with how well they were going that I was able to bash out the rest of the modelling process of them, unwrap them and also texture them to a point that I love!

In my last blog I expressed that I was going to attempt the knight in both Zbrush and Maya, however, my first attempt in Maya worked so well that I thought why potentially waste time with something that might not work and do the Zbrush way as well? It also matched the aesthetic of my other chess pieces so well that I had to use it, I posted this video at the end of my last post but I will post it here to let you see how they all look.

As you can also see from the video, I decided to put some base colours onto my chess table and export it for use in engine, this was without the needed fixes to see how the bad parts show up in VR, after looking at it I came to a few conclusions:

  1. As soon as it went in it was tiny, after looking at why, it came down to me not following my written down measurements correctly, easy thing to fix! but even then it would’ve been too small, we learned today that things tend to feel smaller in VR, so we’re going to up the sizes slightly before exporting now.
  2. As I expected, the areas that were mentioned previously that didn’t react well to higher amounts of detail still didn’t look any better in engine, if anything more noticeable since you can get as close as you want.

However, now that this model has taken longer than expected I will be moving onto the next model which is the Desk that will have the menu system on, the menu system will be like a book with UI on it so it will be another main part of the scene. I will continue to work on the Chess Table in my free time however in hopes of staying up to date with my schedule.


As you can see from above I am not slacking behind the other modellers so far which I am happy I am keeping up with, as for our progress, I think some of our group are worried about our MVP deadline, however, I do still believe that we will make it, we set high goals for ourselves but we have an equally good ethic to get an impressive result.