Modelling Pipeline part 2: Concepts

In the past few lessons of Matt’s project I have been designing the concepts for the well asset I will make, to begin with we had to design three different ideas, designs that were different in some way that we could then make a final design of one of them after that.


I ordered these concepts from one to three in the on a scale of which I like the most, one being the one I like most and three the least, however, I plan on taking some aspects of design idea two when making my final design of number one, like taking the aspect of a more damaged look about it for example, both on the tiles on the top and the stones that make it, maybe even have some overgrowing plants going between the cracks of the stone, making it look more aged.  For all of those designs I measured them into three sections, the bottom for the well, the middle for the supports and the top for the cover.

I liked all designs that I had created but for the general shape, I loved the middle one, I thought that number 3 was way too clean and almost Gnome like to be aged and hand made, for number 2 I thought the cover would be too difficult to model so I adopted the damaged look for number one to get this final design.


I then had taken the measurements to a whole other level when doing my final concept, I did this because I plan on using this image for reference when modelling the low and high poly versions and I want the model to be completely to scale. Next lesson I will begin the modelling of the low poly version of the model.

Dystopian Utopia vehicle concepts

Having been lacking in the in Tony’s work I realised I had never posted the concept sketches that I did for the dystopian vehicles.


I realise those images are large but It’s just so they’re large enough that you can maybe see my disgusting, small handwriting for my notes on each drawing, I found this exercise great as I loved the chance to sketch again but for what should be simple sketches I found myself taking way too long to do them so I started making 3 designs out of one car where I’d draw two and almost merge the good factors to make a cooler finished design.

Head Art Project: Part 1 – Task and research


Drawing heads at an angle always goes a bit wrong, this should help!: how_to_draw_the_human_head_7:

For our next project with Tony we have been tasked with the research and drawing of human anatomy, specifically the human head, Here are the main project objectives.

Capture of head objectives.PNG

Going into this Tony suggested we have around 7 photographs of heads as reference images or just 1 with multiple angles of the head, to get a good range, I gathered those two images you see at the top of the post for reference of how the head looks at different angles and then used celebrity head shots to gather my other 7.



Here is a slideshow of some extra images I will use as reference and I also have some anatomy posters at home I will use. The next post I make will be about current art that people already made, discussing my ideas on how I will set out my final A4 page.

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Photoshop – Contrasts in photographs

Jack Black and White

Today in Tony’s lesson we were creating a portrait on a photo taken from real life. the photo had to be black and white so I chose this photo of Jack Black which in my opinion was totally worth it to make that title. We had to focus on areas of high contrast between the black and white around the face of our character. The aim was then to make a grey base layer of the general shape of him, then, create separate layers adding the highlights of the darkest and lightest areas hopefully coming out with something that resembles the face on our picture.I used the brush tool with the colours, black, grey and a slightly off colour white, then using the smudge tool to make the hair look more accurate to create my portrait.  However, details on the face were not important so the portrait didn’t have to be completely accurate.