Creative and Technical Model – Final Post

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Since receiving feedback on my model, which is linked above, I have spent a lot of time looking at examples of how to present a portfolio ready model since that was my main part of my feedback for receiving a good mark for my C and T model, I eventually came up with the design shown below for my main asset page.

slide 1.JPG

Here is the full PowerPoint below with my full process and the link to the Marmoset Viewer .

C and T PowerPoint

Although I did not have many major issues with the making of this model, I did  find the process of making it had taken me many hours to create which was understandable so I could get the model to such a standard that I was more than happy about.

The one issue that I did have with the creation of this is that the bake and textures looked quite low quality in some places, with a bit of help from Matt we discovered that it was since the model was quite large and when laying the Uvs out, although I made sure the texel density was correct throughout and there was no stretching, this meant smaller objects like the screws and fixings looked a bit too low quality for my liking. We eventually fixed this by increasing the smaller objects size in the Uvs and putting them on another map, although I would have liked to achieve this using less Uv space, in the end I think it was necessary to get a great level of detail throughout and since Matt suggested it I am glad he agreed.

Here are a few in engine screenshots of it:




Technical model – Feedback part 1

In Matt’s last lesson, we got to a milestone in our Creative and Technical model project, during this we were given verbal and written feedback of the progress we have been making with our Technical models. For a reminder, my technical model is the first model I made for the project which is the traffic light (Shown below).



To give an idea of how the asset is being marked, Matt made a rough colour scheme which can be seen below of the level that Preproduction and Production is at with everyone’s models just like how the blogs etc are marked and how the colours reflect Pass Merit or a Distinction, my mark is highlighted in the middle of the screen grab below.



As for the actual text within each critique, here they are!


Drawings supported with annotations for measurements. help you visualise your vision of the asset. Measurements sourced from official real world documentation. Google maps used to source more reference images. All of this preproduction has lead you to create a really strong model.


Really good use of polygons. You might want to look into LODing for further optimisation. Topology is really good across your model. Silhouette is really strong and looks well built. Texture work is really well considered. High to low bake has worked well after texture resolution was sorted. The detail is really well considered with good consideration for placement of different elements like dirt and posters. Create a nicely presented portfolio ready asset sheet with wireframe renders etc.

Apart from presenting my model properly in nice looking slides, I would have loved to use LODing within the scene, however with how much time we have left on the project I will not have time to actually apply this to my model, I have looked into the process though and I find it fascinating and definitely something I would like to know the process of as it is what would be used in industry. I will post a blog post on what I have learnt about the process in the near future as well.

Overall I am very happy with this result and hope to push to get those purples and a distinction by the end of the deadline!


Imagined Worlds Update 2

Moving away from how myself and the group are getting on as individuals, the project itself is now close to finishing, so the scene itself is close to the finishing product, from the last Update blog I did, the scene is now way more fleshed out, in fact it’s hardly noticeable when comparing this footage and the image from three weeks ago, I repeat ONLY THREE WEEKS!!



As you can see there is an enormous difference, it feels like so much has happened in three weeks, one of the biggest things I am glad we noticed was the fact that Unreal does not like 16 Bit textures but instead 8 Bit which me and Nikki did not know, after fixing this, the quality of assets was much greater and closer to the what we created.

Apart from that, with steady work from most and Kelly stitching it all together I am over the moon, apart from a lack of work from one of our members, we have overcome this and there’s really nothing I can complain about when looking at this, definitely proud of this and look forward to seeing the faces of people when I present my portfolio with this in!

Imagined Worlds – Low Poly Buildings final thoughts

Since these models are not the most impressive of the bunch I have decided to do an overall final thoughts blog instead one on each of the sets of buildings, for the background of the scene I created 5 sets of two buildings, one medium sized and one large, each of these sets would share one Uv space as most of the detail would be within the textures, the main challenge when creating these buildings was making the silhouettes interesting and unique enough but at the same time having it look like they could create a believable city skyline for the scene.

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One of thew building sets did not save properly so I could not obtain a proper render of it without having to texture them again, for the sake of the blog I think this should portray them well enough. The smart material that helped make these was amazing with the things that you could change but it was quite challenging to make each of them look different in their own way. I personally think I did a good job of making building look like offices of different sizes and flats that may be seen within an actual American city.

Imagined Worlds – Bus Stop Sign final thoughts

Finishing up with the sign models for this blog check with what was probably the most difficult of the bunch, to go with Nikki’s bus stop, a bus stop sign was needed so I happily obliged as I was already tackling the other signs, using real world examples from the internet and google maps, the image below seemed to be the most fitting the both the bus stop and the scene aesthetic.


By now having done all the other signs I was pretty familiar with how I could use this image and adapt it within Photoshop to the give me the correct textures needed for the model, even from this angle, this is what I made.


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Altogether I am quite happy with the accuracy of this and with how well the bake worked, however, in my opinion the circular bus sign looks a bit too painted up close, it will look fine in the scene but I will fix it for when I showcase the model.

Imagined Worlds – Chinese Restaurant Sign final thoughts

Continuing with the recent sign models I have done, I asked the group if any other shops would like a sign made for their shop, Marc then replied that he would love a specials sign with a menu, for this I didn’t have much inspiration as I just knew that I would make it a chalk board sign as that can easily be edited depending on the specials or whatever they would like to promote, this is what I finally came up with below.

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The model has been taken through the whole pipeline, the high to low is mostly noticeable in the hinges at on top, the chains are smoother and the wood is separated in the corners in the correct places as it would be assembled. As for texturing, when looking around both at real world examples in trips to Newcastle or Sunderland, or just online, it is quite apparent how lazy people can be, it was quite common that big titles would be thing that was chalked onto the board like the fact that it’s a nice place, has takeout and is my case has free fortune cookies. I then emphasised the laziness that has taken place by instead of making specials, the restaurant just put a physical menu on to look at. In my opinion I am very happy with this model and thankfully so is Marc!