Portfolio Presentation Review

For the last part of this academic year, we were asked to produce a few blog posts to wrap up, the second being a review of our end of year portfolio presentation, this was a presentation of our best work throughout the year, the portfolio would count for 45% of our grade this year along with a Coding exam, Art essay, and a marking for our blog throughout the year all make up 100% of our grade, by the time of my portfolio presentation I already knew I had achieved a Distinction grade for my Art essay.

In my opinion the presentation went very well, however a few of the videos were difficult to play, making up a lot of the 20 minutes that I had to present, if I had time whilst preparing the presentation I would have made it ll one movie where I voiced over so that all videos worked and I would have had full confidence that I would not have worked over the given time. After presenting and rushing a bit at the end because of this I left the room and awaited my results, after a few minutes I went back in to be given amazing feedback, I got an overall easy distinction, apparently I would have gotten it with half the stuff on there, exceeding in each marked area, the only negative feedback I got was the timing which I fully understood, they said it wasn’t a problem for this but if were doing the same at Uni I may have been marked down for time management.

Shortly after it ended I asked for my blog and first of two coding test results, getting a distinction in both and finally completing the second coding test the Friday before last, getting the result for that this week which was also a distinction, overall achieving a distinction in all subjects and tests and a score of 220/220 for this year, thoroughly overjoyed with that and look forward to next year! I will be doing some hopefully game ready models over the summer so I will be keeping the blog updated.


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