Job Roles in the Industry

For the last part of this academic year, we were asked to produce a few blog posts to wrap up, the first one is a more in-depth version of a one made earlier this year (Industry Research: Games Companies here is that blog post encase you wish to look) . However, for this blog we were given a few pointers of what we needed to include.

  1. Job roles involved within the chosen industry – what each role is responsible for and what other job roles you’d work with.
  2. How I can get myself there – this could be by researching university courses and their links with industry or reading about how professionals got into that industry, having been to Animex this year at Teesside Uni I learnt a few things to specifically get the job role I’ d like, this I will specify later in the post.

Moving into the second year I am not fully sure about what I would like to specify in, however, the three things I do enjoy within the subject, Concept art, 3D modelling and animation work well together (I can concept the thing I model and then animate that myself), allowing me to do all of them next year to then decide. Currently I am leaning towards the role of an Environmental artist as I love the process of making assets, assembling a scene and lighting it, thinking about how the player will interact with the scene and possibly telling a story with environmental storytelling so I will attempt to focus this post on this job role. Answering the first part of what we needed to include ion this post, this job role could work with many other job roles and could take on many job roles depending on how big the company is so I will post the responsibilities of the role with each company I post to get a better picture.

Starting with the jobs closest to me that I aspire to get in the UK , note these are all AAA companies so I understand that this will be a bit further in the future but the dream is there!

Starting with Ubisoft:

Environment Artist at Ubisoft Reflections in Newcastle:

Job Purpose

Independently deliver the graphic content for the project and ensure that the integration of the work is in line with technical constraints and artistic direction.


  • Assess and plan out the space, with consideration of narrative and visual storytelling, while documenting intentions;
  • Plan,estimate and prioritise time frames for the completion of day to day tasks and track progress using the designated tracking tools;
  • Create fully functional assets which can be shared across the project and respect the technical and artistic constraints;
  • Communicate and collaborate with key stakeholders to confirm task direction and consistency of work;
  • Ensure the technical and artistic quality of various artistic elements, make changes and address issues with team members whenever necessary;
  • Assist with optimisation and debugging to fix the issues raised by testers;
  • Fully realise a space with the assets available to tell an interesting and varied story;
  • Integrate the produced elements, objects and textures into the level;
  • Reference game design documents and develop an in-depth knowledge of the environments,
    objectives, atmospheres, story and style to create game levels;
  • Understand project tools and their functions, the project file classification system and the process to update engine data;
  • Understand best practices, production pipelines and workflows;
  • Support the Lead Environment Artist in any ad hoc tasks and duties.


Next up, Rockstar North:

For how I could get myself into a job at Rockstar North, I intend on going to the university of Abertay in Dundee, being the best Uni in Europe for games design and 12th in the world, Rockstar North tend to take talented graduating student from there since it’s so close. So let’s just keep putting in the extra time right?

Environment Artist at Rockstar North in Edinburgh:

We’d like to hear from the industry’s most talented environment artists!

Join our team to create next-generation worlds for some exciting upcoming projects! Strong modelling and texturing skills are not enough. Candidates must be able to create immersive, living, and fully-realized environments.

As an Environment Artist working at Rockstar North, you will be responsible for creating exciting and believable artwork, creating and texturing environment assets for the biggest and best open world environments in the industry. You will have previous experience of working on a large games production and be mindful of memory restrictions and design requirements.

We prize an ability to demonstrate individual design skills; including concept and creation of assets that are both original and yet still keep a look and feel of their specific real-world references.


  • Model, texture and create collision in 3D for game environments.
  • Work closely with Programmers and other departments to ensure art assets are fully optimized for target platforms while minimizing any impact on artistic integrity of assets.
  • Participate in R&D of new techniques to implement into production pipeline.
  • Proactively seek feedback from Lead Artist, Producer and Creative Director.
  • Ensure that artistic style is consistent with defined visual style for the game.


Finally, Bethesda Game Studios, DC:

Finally, the dream job, an Environmental artists at Bethesda Game Studios, for research of how to try and get into this, I attended Animex this year at Teesside University, there I met Emil Pagliarulo, the Design Director at Bethesda Game Studios, after speaking to him for a while I came away knowing that I should make a portfolio with assets I have made that could be put in there games and then it’s highly admired if it’s actually put into their game engine also.

Sadly there are no specific job listings for an Environment Artist at Bethesda at the minute but hopefully the other two job requirements listed in this blog post will give you a general idea.




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