VFX Project: Part 2

VFX work 3.gif

Beginning my work on the footage I showed in my first blog about our VFX project, I took the starting scene where I sat in a light room, pretending to work on a green computer screen that was on the board, I started this by masking out the green on the screen in this footage and inserted a screenshot of my blog page there instead, I then duplicated the original layer on top of that and changed the colour of the green to black and upped the contrast to really bring out the reflection, then keyed out the black on the footage to leave only the white reflection on top of screenshot of my blog to really make it look like it was an actual screen.

Final touches were to key the position of the screenshot to follow the slight movement of the camera and to do a little colour correction to the scene to make it darker and fit the mood of what I wanted in the scene.


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