Coding Exam: the process

For the final exam for coding this year we were given the task to create a stealth game under a game jam like environment but at the same time in test conditions, we had 24 hours of class time spread out over the course of two weeks to complete this with a selection of criteria that the game had to meet to gain marks. Here are those parameters:


So, starting with the core features, the level needed to contain obstacles in the way f the character and have three moving guards also, for my guards there were two different types of movement, one simple that just goes back and forth and one more complicated that supports the use of way points so that it can travel through several points before making it back to he start, I helped signify this by the green enemy is the simple movement and the blue is the harder, more complicated one.

Guards moving.gif


This next Gif should demonstrate the following objectives of the exam, if the guard spots the player, it stops and proceeds to shoot, if the player is hit, the level resets and also if the player is no longer in guards line of sight it will continue to patrol like it was before. Since I already have two Gifs in this blog, you will just have to take my word that when the timer on the bottom right hits zero it resets the level.

Bullet demonstration.gif


For my code for the test I can only hope that what I have done is classed as “correctly laid out and easy to read, I put in the effort of also annotating the code with what each chunk does, here are all of my scripts.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Code 5 pt1Code 5 pt2


Code 6 pt1Code 6 pt2


I realize that putting y code in in such big chunks is quite ugly but being a coding exam I thought that including all of it would be more important to show the type of stuff we needed to do. I will make another blog on this of my final result and my thoughts on the overall exams.


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