Tony’s project: Characters of fear

Image result for art of fallout 4 water creatures      Image result for art of fallout 4 water creatures

For Tony’s final project of the year we have been set the task to create a turnaround sheet for a creature of our design, however, Tony had an idea that this particular creature had to embody fear, his example for this was that his loft has a faulty light that flickers and takes a while to fully turn on, whilst doing that he imagined a creature lurking in the dark only when the light goes off, so whilst drawing this he’d make it dark so it couldn’t be seen and possibly with fur so that it could survive in the cold.

He then showed us a new technique of getting quick drawings done, he brought up an edited image of a bear that he put the shell and some limbs of a crab on, he then went over it and made some simple line art, he then used that line art to block some simple colours in and then within that one lesson after fleshing it out a little, was an amazing drawing of a bear crab thing.

So, setting off thinking about what I’d draw, the first thing that sprung to mind is how afraid of open water my mother is, not knowing what is underneath her at any time, then continuing on that idea I love the fallout series and happen to own the new Fallout 4’s art book of which contains some amazing art of creatures such as Mirelurks etc which are a mutation of a few animals that scare the hell out of me, so, using this and tony’s new technique is how I plan to complete this task. I then spent the rest of the lesson merging some known scary animals in Photoshop and then attempting to try out that method for practice before I do the real thing, here is my first attempt.



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