VFX Project: Part 1


For our final VFX project of the year, we were left to our own devices to make a final piece, the video has to be around 10 seconds long and needs to display a number of skills that we have learnt throughout the year.

The idea that I ended up coming up with for mine is inspired quite a bit by the movie “Click”, the idea that I can use a remote to change things easily in the world.  For the pre-production of the clip, since I was already set on the idea, I began story boarding the shots and how the scene would go about. Since I don’t have the storyboard with me however and I know for a fact that the drawings were quite poor I will just type up the general idea.

To begin with, it begins with me sitting at a desk with in a pretty gloomy room with the interactive whiteboard still in view, to demonstrate skill there I will do some replacement on the whiteboard screen to show some work being done, whilst doing work I seem bothered by something, I turn around to look at something off camera to where light is coming from (a window), I turn and pick up a remote from the desk and then proceed to walk over to the window.

It then cuts to me walking to the window with remote in hand, I stop and start pressing a button, one at a time it changes the scene outside which I will make matte paintings for each, with colour correction in the room for all, unhappy with the result about three times I then switch to the result I am happy with. I then walk and sit back down getting on with work in a better mood still with the colour correction in the room.

Here is the recorded footage, sadly I made the GIF at a slow fps but it gets the point across.


VFX work 1.gif


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