Pushing a heavy object: part 2 – Final thoughts and feedback

run gif

Sadly whilst attempting to batch render my final animation there were problems with the saving of the images of frames so for now I have put a Gif of the final animation at the top and will replace with a YouTube  video of the final render of it.

Apart from that though I thoroughly enjoyed this animation task, the use of a rig that was unknown to me was both great for learning and since it had no issues also a treat to use, I found the task fairly okay with little issues and completed it withing my 4 hour window I gave myself. In the future as personal projects, hopefully before my final portfolio presentation, I will have used that table of options of animations to make a few more using rigs like this one to get a good result worth putting in my portfolio.


A great update to your ident with some nice overall improvements to the narrative of the story. The burger jump at the end could have more spring to it by increasing the speed (moving the frames closer together) this will help add even more appeal to it! Walk cycles are both good – the pushing heavy pbject is stronger I love the little bounce to the jog you have captured. To improve the walk further you need to add more up and down movement to the hips, they are currently static and it looks odd : Look at the range of movement of the hips of this walk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eWt1Qt8JoGc Get these batch rendered for your portfolio and they’ll look awesome!


Above is the feedback from my animations, I got an overall purple which I am overjoyed about and Matt really enjoyed the work of this one in particular which I appreciate a lot. Look forward to working on more.


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