Modelling Pipeline part 3: Low Poly Model

well smooth.PNG   well

In the past two lessons of Matt’s we’ve continued to work on our industry standard model, the first lesson was mean to be spent on the low poly model and the second then taking it into mudbox and working in some high poly detail to then bake onto the low, however, I decided to spend both lessons on my low poly model, I did this because I plan on making my high poly version in Zbrush which I cannot do in college.

Above you can see the WIP low poly version of my model on the right, with the smoothed version of it on the left, I constantly switch to and from the smooth preview to get a good representation of what it will look like once starting to work on the high poly. I intend to add more cracks and detail of the rock and wood and such when working on it in Zbrush.

Next things to work on are the rope, the roof and then general tidying up of the topology of the model, I now plan to work on this at home in my free time to be able to get it done for the final presentation at the end of the year, this should now be easier to do having finished the animations and essay handed in tomorrow.

Looking forward to updating the blog with more of this model in the near future.


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