Walk Cycle: Part 1 – process and stepped

walk cycle gif.gif          walk cycle gif stepped.gif

Since handing in our Ident project Matt has given us a selection of animations to choose from and complete, out of a number of options expressed in a table that has animations classed as Achievable, Challenging and Expert we needed to choose two and accomplish them.


Matt wanted all of us to attempt a walk cycle for our first one and gave us the character “Moom” to do this with, to get started I used the Animator’s Survival Kit book that I own to do some research on what the experts say on the matter, after I was happy starting it, I took an photo from it that I found on Google which was in the book of a walk cycle drawn out.

Image result for walk cycle

I then added this as an image plane in the scene and began blocking out the animation putting in my extremes first and then working in the inbetweens after, using stepped animation to get the timing correct. I found the rig Quite difficult to use at points but in the end I was happy with the outcome as I had.

For this task I had given myself a time limit of 2 hours, an amount I saw suitable as this is supposed to be a shorter task and in the industry would only be 30 minute thing. Next blog will be my finished Walk Cycle with my added feedback.


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