Matt’s Ident Project: Second Submission

First Submission reference: Matt’s Ident Project: Final Submission

Shortly after we handed in our Ident animation, we were asked to make improvements using the feedback that Matt has given us, personally, having been given positive feedback and having thoroughly enjoyed the task I was happy to put effort into getting a higher mark for it.


As you can see from the screenshot above, my feedback pointed out a few factors that needed improving: the jumping of the burger could be improved with the components like the bun, patty etc separating as it does, more appeal when the burger “talks”, more than just one cheese flap and a victory flap at the end.



Looking at my re-submission I added separation in the burger in the beginning jump into the scene, I then added an opening and bobbing of the mouth when the burger waves to the cup to add appeal, when the cup is hit, I added the cup rotating to it’s side like it would real life and also the pickle sliding off followed by liquid flowing out, finally I added a victory jump with separating parts and a flap at the end to add more attractiveness to the burger.



“A great update to your ident with some nice overall improvements to the narrative of the story. The burger jump at the end could have more spring to it by increasing the speed (moving the frames closer together) this will help add even more appeal to it! Walk cycles are both good – the pushing heavy pbject is stronger I love the little bounce to the jog you have captured. To improve the walk further you need to add more up and down movement to the hips, they are currently static and it looks odd : Look at the range of movement of the hips of this walk Get these batch rendered for your portfolio and they’ll look awesome!”

Above is my updated feedback which I am extremely happy about having improved from green to purple, looking forward to more animation projects in the future, thanks Matt.



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