After Effects – All Stars Credits: Part 2

Genie Gif

Today in Pete’s lesson we were finishing our All Stars credits sequence, personally, in the lesson I made the rest of my assets and then spent the rest of my Friday night to put it all together in After Effects.

Since I explained the concept mostly in the last one, I’ll just talk about what I have done today, so, I began by making the tail and the hands of genie, two things I’m personally very proud of. Everything made has been done in Animate as well so that it is vector art and stays great quality.

Next I made some very quick Genie smoke and exported everything as separate images for use in After Effects.

I then made my composition and got to work in After Effects, I mostly only keyframed Size, Opacity, Position and Rotation to create this but I also used the Simple Waves effect to get a more organic feel to the smoke.

Personally, I am very happy with the end result and thought it was a very unique idea to do, I look forward to doing more like this in the future.


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