After Effects – All Stars Credits: Part 1

Recently with Pete’s lessons we have been asked to use the skills used when animating the robot to make our own credit roll for an actor of our choice, this needs to be between 3 and 9 seconds long. The inspiration came from a one that Peter has created for a former job, he then wants to edit all of these together into a class credits roll.


Throughout the first lesson, as you can see in that Gif there’s a boulder rolling over Harrison Ford, obviously themed after Indiana Jones. Pete made a short animation where that happens on a larger scale and a tutorial on how to achieve it which everybody followed in the lesson, however, feeling pretty confident with the task and having an idea instantly, I decided to go straight into making my own.

My idea was generated around the great, late actor Robin Williams and one of his great roles, Genie in Aladin, my idea was that the name Robin Williams would come out of a lamp as smoke and then form as a Genie themed name also.

I also decided to make my own assets for this, using Animate to do so, so for the first two lessons, I have made a lamp and some text. Here is the lamp and I will insert a picture of the text when I am in next lesson as they are fonts I can not access at home. next lesson I will begin to animate all of this in After Effects.



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