Modelling Pipeline part 1: Task and Moodboard

The most recent project that we have began to work on in Matt’s lesson is finding out the industry standard of the modelling pipeline, we did this by being put into groups of which we would all create an industry standard asset, however, it would only be one asset so that it could be done to a great standard, then assemble them in a scene. To begin with, we sat in our groups and decided a theme for our models/scene.

After some discussion we eventually decided on a fantasy themed scene that would also be outdoors, thinking about this a lot we made an asset list composed of the one asset that each of us would make and the priority of them, who would make each of them and then also a few extra assets that some could move onto when finished with their own.


That is our asset list that we began with, I was then assigned the making of the well model so the next step was the making of a mood board for my individual model, here it is.

Quite a simple one but it helped greatly in the designing of my concepts.



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