Tony’s Lesson: Character creation in Sculptris

alien head

In Tony’s lesson on Friday we spent the lesson using a new sculpting software, Sculptris. We used this software to create a head, however, when Tony was running through a tutorial on both how to use the software and how to make a face, I felt pretty comfortable with the process of using it having already used the other Pixologic software named Zbrush to make my Learning Anatomy – First Zbrush Model.

Feeling comfortable I did my own thing, I decided to make a less humanoid head and more alien like one, the lesson was great in my opinion as I got to cement my skills in modelling programs whilst also being more creative in the process of character design.

Sadly, this program does not allow me to show the full process of making the sculpt but using the array of tools to create this model was a great way of further learning anatomy as I adapted human anatomy to make this alien one.

If I get time I would love to further improve this and take it into Zbrush to finish. Even if I just take the visible line going down the middle of the model from where the symmetry clearly was.


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