Ant’s Lesson : Coding to present models

GIF of stands

In Ant’s lesson on Monday we were given the task to code a model to do one of three things, rotate and bob up and down slowly, make a simple inspector where the model rotates itself but you can then press space bar to rotate on the X Axis or you could make a mini game where you tap as many times as you can in 10 seconds, then you’re presented with your score at the end.

For my particular work I had it in mind that I would like to work on a way to present my work in my portfolio at the end of the year, so I chose the dagger model I began and Tony’s club that I textured and put them into some quickly made some glass cases, basic lights and a stand for the dagger. To do this I didn’t use much ode which I do regret s it was a coding lesson but I plan to further it by having an inspector also when close enough.

code 1

The code I use above will rotate the object that it’s applied to at a speed of 60 over time in the Y axis.


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