Rigging in After Effects

This week in Pete’s lesson we did something we’ve never done before, we used After Effects to rig a given 2D model that Pete made for us. Overall, the process was relatively simple and I did not realise it could be done in After Effects at all!

Once we opened the program we proceeded to parent the different parts of the body to the suitable parents, just like in you would with animating in Maya. We then used the Pan Behind tool to to move the center pivot of each part of the body to the suitable place (Where it’s weight would act), we then added two new angle controllers to a new adjustment layer and had them effect the rotation of both arms. I then added the other footage which was the lights for the head and heart.

In my personal opinion I enjoy Maya more than After Effects as I have more experience using that but I really do enjoy this for 2D assets. Here is a short GIF showing the model, with lights which are animated but won’t show as they won’t be playing and the angle controllers to the left hand side.

GIF of robot.gif


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