Room Project: Second submission


Room Project – Submission

I have linked the first submission of the room project above if any reference is needed or the original renders of my 3D modelled room, I will try to include as much as I can in this blog though.

PowerPoint of renders

Above is a link to a PowerPoint of renders including titles for each section of renders, I will however include the renders in a slideshow here encase they are needed whilst reading the rest of the blog.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For improving the project I focused on a few things in my feedback from last time;

Models having hard edges (I focused on the duvet).

The lighting being to harsh.

No textures.

For my 3 favourite models now I have to say the bed for the amount of effort I have put in and the product I got out of it, I learned how to use the program Marvellous Designer for this ( a lot of effort was put into it not making it look like a big pillow ). Also the posters I really enjoy now, it was great to take my own reference images for textures and use them to make it look so close to the real thing. And finally I have to stay with my desk as I put in so much effort making sure that everything that can be animated are separate objects.

Here’s a screenshot of what I did in MD, it doesn’t look like much but I put in a lot of effort for it to look as close to a duvet as I can as a beginner, I ended up stitching the outer sheets around several other stitched together sheets that were used to add pressure throughout the duvet, making it look thick but not inflated, I then used Zbrush to lower the Poly Count before putting it back into Maya.

Capture for bed.PNG


I then went onto improving my harsh lighting by adding more fake lights to simulate a warmer, softer light surrounding it, here are screenshots to compare.

Improving this project has been great for me to gain more experience in Zbrush and start Marvellous Designer and also refine other skills, looking forward to what’s next.


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