State change in Game Objects

So today in Ant’s lesson we were given the task to learn a new skill that was self taught for a game or portfolio feature that is made in Unity and C Sharp, by now you will know what it is that I chose as I will title the Blog what I chose.

List of ideas:

Learning Animation in unity

Learn how to change the state of a game object with a particle system

Learn how to pick up and move objects

Making a UI


Reviewing and doing research on these ideas I have chosen the idea of “Learn how to change the state of a game object with a particle system”, being a strong lover of games like Ratchet and Clank, Zelda and Spyro, all of those games have this in common, smash something, you get something, whether that be crystals / pots for gems / rupees or crates for bolts and ammo.


Image result for ratchet and clank smashing crates gif


So, what I hope to research and get out of this week is to model a stylized wooden crate and have it change it’s state once clicked from a perfectly fine intact box to a broken one including a slight smoke particle system which will take effect in a cartoony way once the box is smashed, then hopefully the box will turn into pieces when smashed with working physics for each of he pieces.

Next I will look up different variations of wooden crates to get a general idea of how my stylized one will look like and create concepts on my thought process through this.



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