Matt’s Lesson: Low Poly Project part 2

In the second lesson of Matt’s Low Poly Environment project I focused on helping making environmental assets for the scene as I’d like to spend time at home on the actual Island Environment.

I found that when making these assets I really enjoy making low poly assets, there’s something about them that makes them both stress free and relaxing to make but also look good and I’m also able to recycle and reshape some to make completely different things.

Here is a screenshot of what I achieved in the lesson.


I wish I could have gotten a Gif or small video of what I had produced as I personally don’t think that a screenshot dos it justice. Anyway, as I was saying before, the recycling of Assets, this is shown to the left of the tree as I used the tree to make a smaller bush / mushroom  design. Also, it is shown in the thorn bush looking weeds to thew bottom left, these have been taken from the branch of the trees at the back right of the scene.

Next up I will work on and blog about the actual Island environment.


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