Dystopian Utopia Vehicle

Helicopter GIF.gif

So I realise that I haven’t posted anything on tony’s project in a while so this will just be a short post to show where I am up to for now, there will be more to follow this up with more detail on each task.

So, a quick recap with how I got to this point, first off after the research of artists and movies, I moved onto concepts (these will be shown in a separate blog), I made about 15 of these and went into detail on some ideas that I liked more, this helicopter happened to be one of them, the idea behind the design is that it’s a one – manned, stealthy, surveillance helicopter that is also built for speed which hopefully comes across in the model also.

My next steps are to take it into Substance Designer and add details in the ways of textures and mapping but I’ll be back before that on a blog about concepts.



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