Matt’s Lesson: Low Poly Project

Our most recent lessons for Matt have consisted of a new task! This one in particular Matt was very excited for, the task at hand was to make a small environment with the given theme of Wacky Races and a max Poly count of 1000 for each asset, we have also only been given 2 full lessons and the rest of that lesson to complete it (obviously I will devote time to it outside of class). Since it had to linked to a race track in some way, the environment had to consist of some sort of race track and wacky car.

Image result for wacky races


We were then told that some of us had been made team captains, this was decided by Matt, I happened to be one of them and then got my team of 4 including me, we went back to our desk and started brainstorming ideas once assigned roles, I had the role of making the land mass of the environment including the texturing of it and the lighting in the scene also.

The idea we all liked ended up being a tribal environment with more of the layers of earth below exposed like a shard of the earth as came out, I really enjoyed this as it would allow me to put in some really cool textures and lighting effects say around the bottom with lava. Out of all of the research photos I have put above I really enjoy this one, it has been done to such a high standard with the textures and I hope to produce that level in some ways in my environment.

Image result for low poly small environment

Others will work on the vehicle (the vehicle will be modeled after something like the vehicles out of The Flinstone’s)  and the assets for the environment like bushes and trees etc, then there’s going to be a tribal village where the track will end.

I am really looking forward to working on this further to help develop my modelling texturing and lighting skills, especially on something stylized.


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