Matt’s Ident Project: Final Submission

So this is my final post on the Ident project, overall I am so pleased with the outcome of this, the overall feeling of having an outcome that I’m pleased about after so much effort I have put in is great.

There were quite a few problems that I had to overcome throughout, rigging and using hierarchy on the burger was the biggest one of them all, the use of Ncloth on the cheese made it a problem when rigging as there were problems when deleting the nodes which Ncloth had created, this was simply fixed by duplicating the model and deleting the original. There weren’t any problems with the animation apart from when the pickle hit the cup it would move with the burger after since it’s parented to it, I fixed this by setting a key frame on each frame in the correct place.

The principles I have used throughout are Staging to begin with when moving into the scene away from the basket, I would like to improve this by having it look more like a diner environment that would stage it better and perhaps have the burger coming out of the basket. There is arcing in the way that they wave to each other with the straw and cheese and the cup falling over. There is Anticipation when the cup realises it makes the sound and slowly opens it’s mouth before making it’s next move, there is then a bunch of squash and stretch when the cup is jumping up and down with the realisation of it making a sound with each bounce, follow through is also included with the straw bouncing as well. Finally, there’s secondary action in the way that the pickle hits the cup and knocks it over and damages it.

I think what I am most proud of are the models and the rigging, in my opinion it was the hardest thing which without them the animation would be very poor, definitely worth all the effort I put into them and I am very happy with the outcome, I even learnt the process of skinning which I am most certainly looking  forward to using it again.

There are a few things I’d love to improve since I’ve had feedback already, when reading my feedback I find that everything mentioned is great advice that now mentioned i’d love to do.

Animation feedback.PNG



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