VFX: Keying in After Effects

This week in Pete’s lesson we started learning about Keying in After Effects, Keying is the process of taking a bit of footage with a green screen (or any other colour) and then taking the background out of it (In this case green from the green screen), to then put it in another scene.

We began by importing footage that Pete gave us this week, this consisted of the green screen footage of an “Underworld” – esc woman shooting a gun on a green screen set, a 3D modeled environment and an Alpha rendered version of the 3D environment.

The objective was to get the woman in the green screen to be in the 3D environment in a believable way.

Since this was a pretty lengthy process I’ll just go over the main things that we used to do this. The main thing we used was Keylight 1.2 in the effects drop down menu, this was the effect that we used to make the green screen be removed, it also helped with colour correction in the coat and on the skin, we also used Blur and Curves to make the woman look more realistic in the scene and then curves on the 3D scene itself to add more of a darker background. Definitely stuff that I hope to use again as I think it could help make a really great scene when making a project worthy of a Distinction.

We also used the Pen tool to mask out the “Garbage” of the scene.
Underworld Snip.PNG

Underworld woman.gif





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