Maths Lesson: Dot Product

In this morning’s lesson with Ant we learnt about Dot Product, the dot product or scalar product is an algebraic operation that takes two equal-length sequences of numbers (usually vectors) and returns a single number.

Vector components we were introduced to are associated with the X,Y,Z axes, like the ones used in programs like 3DS Max, Maya and Unity.


If something has 3 planes, X,Y,Z It’s 3D.

If something has 2 planes, X,Y It’s 2D.

If something has 1 planes, X, It’s 1D.

We did some simple addition and subtraction of vectors:j.png

e.g.     {6,-2,8} + -{4,7,-3} = 2,5,5

We then did some Dot Product/Scalar Product Calculations to finish off:

The Dot Product is the Cosine of the angle between two vectors, times by the length of each vector.

e.g.    {8,3.2,-3} . {-2.5,2,2} = -19.6



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