VFX: Using Mocha on a train

Another one! This time we are using Mocha to put something on the side of a train with tracking, I have decided to put my logo on. So we began by making our composition by dragging it in using our new found tip, we then exported it straight into Mocha and got to work drawing our reference boxes using the pen tool and the S box tool to reference the tracking area and then the image area as explained in the last blog, then started to render it out.

I am already starting to get the hang of this process and am loving using Mocha.

Here it is so far,Train snip.PNG

Now we just repeat the process of before where we export tracking data, copy to click board and back to AE. Once in there create a black solid and paste into it. Pre – compose the solid layer and insert the art into it, incorporating my logo again but this time on the side of the train. Some more adjustments of the opacity and scale and done.

A great bit of work to cement the basic knowledge we learnt in Mocha today.

Train gif.gif






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