VFX : Graffiti Tunnel and Mocha


Shortly after the Chimneys we were given some footage of a tunnel and told to put some different graffiti in it using VFX, for this we used a new program called Mocha once we imported the footage and drawing we would use for the graffiti, we used Mocha by highlighting the layer and going to the animation drop down and pressing Track in Mocha AE.

Once it’s in using the settings given we then picked a frame in the middle of the scene that is clean to sort the tracking on, then picked the X pen tool to pick four points on the wall to start tracking, then the box with the S inside to define an area within that to put or graffiti. Here’s a screenshot of using the Mocha software.

Using Mocha.PNG

We really jumped into the deep end when beginning this software in my opinion but it actually went really smoothly and apparently according to Pete is great in the industry.

Once finishing the boxing out the scene, we tracked backwards and forwards from the middle frame.

Export tracking data, copy to click board and back to AE. Once in there create a black solid and paste into it (I wasn’t in at the first frame so it didn’t work but was shortly fixed).

Pre – compose the solid layer and insert the art into it, this is where I went away from the group to incorporate my own logo.

Now it looks a bit like this:

Using Mocha 2.PNG

I added “Add” to the Mode of it to get rid of the black and then the Opacity to 50%.

Here’s the finished thing. There’s some weird colour distortion but I assure you it’s the GIF and not the actual editing.

Tunnel gif.gif







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