VFX : Chimney Tracking

Today in Pete’s lesson we were told we would be moving back on to tracking, we were given footage of a panning field  with houses in the background and some animated smoke with the hopes of tracking the smoke coming out of the chimneys throughout the scene.

To begin with we were given some very helpful advice when creating the composition and getting the correct settings for the footage straight away, you do this by importing the footage and then dragging the footage onto the create a new composition button at the bottom of the project block, this was great to find out as I have made mistakes in the past when creating the composition.

Once everything is imported in the scene we created two Nulls called CONTROL and TRACKER went onto the tracker and tracked an area of high contrast near the chimney, in this case the chimney was fine,  after tracking though we notice that when it goes off the screen a few frames aren’t accounted for, so on the last frame that the chimney is tracked we the Alt – Click and drag the tracking point to another close area of high contrast to finish off the tracking again, analyze and done.

Edit the target to the TRACKER Null.

Here’s where we’re at:

Chimney track 1.PNG

Chimney track 2.PNG

We added a black solid and did some rearranging of the layers to then change the solids TrkMat to Luma Matte on the smoke layer, then parent the smoke and solid to the TRACKER Null.

Then scale and move to the chimney, change the opacity to 70% and we’re done! I always love tracking lesson, something so simple can make such an amazing effect at the end that looks so professional, can’t wait to do more on a bigger scale hopefully.

Here is a pre rendered one that we can use for our blog, mine was exactly the same apart from 70% opacity of the smoke to make it look more subtle and effective in my opinion.

Chimney gif.gif


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