Matt’s Lesson: Ident project (Up to date)


This post will now make me completely up to date, since the last post I’ve used the rigged models I had made and started to block and then refine parts of my animation, as you can see they enter the scene, stop, turn and greet each other so far, next I will have the cup realise the sound it makes and then get excited about it, to then get a pickle spat at him by an annoyed burger.

As you can see when greeting each other I have made use of the straw and my cheese as sort of arms for the two models. I have also made them flop when jumping, and also the lid sort of detaches like an opening mouth when he cup is jumping and waving.

I’ve also started to add some materials to the models to get an idea about how they’d look rendered and added an endless background to the scene to give it more of a Nickelodeon Ident vibe.

Image result for nickelodeon ident

After finishing the animation I will move onto lighting the scene properly and softening the shadows to make the scene more professional, I also have plans to animate the camera in the scene as we have recently learned about this.


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