Principles Analysis – Mike’s New Car

At the beginning of Matt’s lesson today we were given our usual task to analyse a piece of animation, however instead of just doing it as a group he wanted us to choose a short animation and analyse it in our blogs, personally, I chose “Mike’s New Car”, a short made of the popular Pixar animated move Monsters Inc.



As soon as we start the animation we can see at 0:24 the door has two handles, this is because there is a smaller door for mike there, a great example of exaggeration because he can clearly reach the other handle.

Then at 0:30 there’s clear staging and appeal in the way that Mike presents the car.

At 0:54 there is exaggeration in how low Sully sinks in his chair and then again with how much he moves it after.

At 1:29 there’s slow in and out’s in the way that Mike slows at the height of his jump in the window.

At 1:35 there’s exaggeration in how many buttons there are on the dashboard.

At 1:55 there’s anticipation as to if the car or mike is damaged whilst he’s stuck under the bonnet along with stretch of the bonnet to show the force of which he’s being thrown around.

All throughout the animation there are arcs, the doors opening, the bonnet opening, the windscreen wipers, mike putting his belt on.

2:40 so much exaggeration with everything that happens with the car.

3:18 There’s secondary action in the way that the wheels bounce back after the car crashing.






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