Matt’s Lesson: Ident project


I realise I haven’t blogged for Matt’s lesson in a while, so, time to do a few blogs to catch up.

Since my last blog about Matt’s lessons we’ve been doing an animation project where we have to make a short ident of around 10 seconds, my idea was that this cinema cup and burger jump into the scene, greet each other (the cup uses the straw to wave and the burger uses the cheese to wave), and the cup makes that annoying straw sound that we all know when it greets the burger, the cup liking this keeps making the sound until the burger gets so annoyed that it spits a pickle at the cup and knocks it over.

The first few lessons were spent modelling and planning everything, the cup is based of a simple cinema style cup and the burger I actually took inspiration from a Krabby Patty and from Facerig’s Burger, I am happy with everything apart from the burgers Lettuce, it’s way too perfect.

The idea is that they came from a bin that has fallen over, that’s why it’s in the back but I’m unsure as to whether to keep it in or not, I will keep you updated in my next blog with my thoughts on blocking out the animation as well as rigging the cup and burger.


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