Matt’s Lesson: Ident project part 2

Over the next few lesson’s I spent my time rigging my objects using the Hypergraph Hierarchy in maya, here is what the menu looks like.

Basically, to explain parenting and the rigging I did, I’ll use the cup I did for an example, I made the cup the parent, the lid the child of the cup and then the straw a child of the lid.

What this means is the children of the parent will move when the parent moves but when the children move, they will move independent to their parent.


Next thing I did was the cheese, I wanted to be able to animate the edges of the cheese flopping, so, Matt taught me how to use skeletons and skinning in Maya, when making the skeleton, you put the points on on the places you want to be able to rotate on. Then, after the skeleton is in, without skinning it, you’ll experience a lot of clipping then rotating the points, to skin correctly, you will be presented with your model that is black, for each point you will rotate, everything that will move on that point needs to be white.


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