Global Game Jam 2017


This weekend was Global Game Jam 2017, 48 hours to make a game on a given theme, well, 20 – 30 hours because of how the times worked out for our college. On Friday night at 6:30 PM we were seated in our college’s theater to watch the GGJ presentation that gave us our theme, this year it was Waves.

After the presentation was over we went back to the Nextgen room where we would spend an ungodly amount of time over the next few days, Friday night was all about splitting off into groups, assigning ourselves roles and brainstorming ideas. Our group was comprised of Kelly Logan (our coder), Marc Logan (our environmental artist), Daniel Bishop (our asset artist) and me (our character artist and animator).

We eventually went with my suggested idea of having a dark environment of which we’d use sound waves as a sonar to see where we are and after more discussion we decided on a bat making it’s way through a dark cave as an endless scroller, the longer you survive and the more pickups you get, the more points you get.

On saturday I used the day to design and animate the bat, my objective with this was to make the bat look as close to a real one as possible but with a friendly look that isn’t scary to the player, so, I made it and animated in Adobe Animate and also gave it a cartoony friendly look that the player would enjoy. I used vector art to do this.

Here is the bat on the menu screen:

Sonar slalom SC.PNG

Here is the animation of the flapping bat:


Please ignore the disgusting background but for my first animation in Adobe Animate I am really proud of this, although, if I had more time I would have loved to have added a bob in the head and the legs of the bat to give it more life. When I get more time I’ll be sure to do this an update with another blog, however it would not have worked well in the game as it would have distorted the movement.


On the second day I created this death animation for when the player hits an object, I made it short enough that the short time you’d be playing wouldn’t be outweighed by the animation but long enough that you’d be it’d be rage inducing and make you want to do better. If I had more time I would have loved to make the impact smoother and included more principles of animation in it.

Overall, the weekend went very well for or first time in my opinion. The organisation of the group followed with good communication and a great workflow with a simple idea made it come together well. Excited for next year!


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