Planning an art essay

Today in Tony’s lesson we were told that we have to complete an art essay with the objective of it being 1500 words, this will be on subject of an subject of an art movement, style or particular discipline that has influenced a modern game, movie or concept art piece.

This should include content from the below criteria; artistic concepts including light, colour, composition, perspective and volume. Traditional processes that have been developed and integrated into digital art software systems and processes for digital art.

The example that we were given was Art Deco and the popular game “Bioshock”.

This is a great example with how strong the clear connection between the game and this art style is because of how the developers wanted the game to look set in the timeĀ that this art form was used.

My Ideas:

So far I have a couple ideas for my art essay, the first is how the assets and art from the popular Fallout series from Bethesda take from the life of 1950’s America, my second idea is how Alien isolation takes inspiration from the artist H R Giger and the Alien films.




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