Ant’s Math Lesson – Trigonometry, Radians and Classes


Today, Ant made us realize that things like Trigonometry actually have purpose after GCSE, so we began with this, the study of lengths and angles of a triangle, this uses SOH, CAH and TOA.

The way that I remember how to calculate this from school is the triangle method that works very well;

Image result for soh cah toa triangles

Basically, once assembled like this, you cover the one that you want and carry out the equation that you are left with (If one is over the other it’s divide, if they’re next to each other it’s multiply) for example, if I wanted to fine Sine, I would cover that up and be left with Opposite over Hypotenuse which you’d divide and get your answer.


Radians are just a different unit of measuring angles, like degrees. 1 Radian s the angle covered by wrapping a circle’s radius around it’s circumference.

1 Pi Radian = 180 Degrees

2 Pi Radians = 360 Degrees

Radians = Degrees / 180 * Pi

Degrees = Radians / Pi * 180


Classes are like Blueprints are recipes, for example c# scripts are classes for game objects, here is an example below.

Transform – Name Of Class

Position/Rotation/Scale – List all of the properties, stats or variables.

Translate/Rotate – Functions and/or what the object can do.




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