Tony’s Lesson – Texturing a spiked club


Today in Tony’s lesson we were given the task to texture this club, originally it was bigger and more like a spiked pole next to the stairs but I reduced the size and put it on the wall which in my opinion gives it a better look.

we were given this club UV unwrapped and ready to texture, so using Photoshop and textures from the internet I got to work giving it a cartoonish stone and wooden look, also editing the opacity and giving the textures soft shadows along the way.

Soft shadows is a texturing technique where if something is connecting in the model, i’d add a shadow on the texture which is subtle but effective, you can particularly see this where the stone meets the wood.

Here is a screenshot of my finished textures.Texture screenshots.PNG

And here are more screenshots of different angles of the club, overall I am very happy with how this turned out after such a short amount of time and for the first time look forward to texturing more of my models in the future.





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