Dystopian Utopia – Part 1 – Artist Research

5 Dystopian Future Artists:

Simon Stålenhag


Michael kerbow


Alex Andreev 


Paul Chadeisson

Scare Bleu! One artist has imagined what Paris and New York might look like in less than 100 year¿s time. This terrifying vision of the future shows the view to the Eiffel Tower. Gone are the open gardens and boulevards by the Seine, which have been replaced by towering grey skyscrapers and complex-looking covered roads A matter of time? In the illustrations, massive metal buildings dwarfing landmarks such as Sacre Coeur and the Eiffel Tower feature, while Times Square in New York (pictured)looks like it has fallen on hard times in the dystopian vision of the futureCoffee to go: Landmarks and cafes are largely neglected (pictured) and littered with neon signs, overlooked by large metal skyscrapers, indicating that Paris will be more densely populated in the future, according to the artist's futuristic vision

Theo Prins


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