Learning Anatomy – First Zbrush Model

Zbrush Gif.gif

So, they say it takes 10,000 hours to master something, so why not start now?? Over these Christmas holidays I was able to purchase the program “Zbrush”, I’ve known for a while that I’d like to purchase this as it is an industry standard bit of software that if I can learn at an early stage will be great.

During the process of making this model I was able to start to get the hang of many tools, brushes and the general workflow, and, although the learning of anatomy isn’t necessarily needed, I have read in many places that it is a great skill to have under your belt.

Here is my workflow throughout the modelling of this Bust. I knew I wanted to go for a sort of cartoony look so that I did not have to focus on details in the skin etc…

GIF making of.gif

So, the brushes I made use of were the clay build up brush, smooth brush and the standard brush. I also got to grips with the scale, rotate and move short cuts and the mask tool when doing the ears so that I only effected that area.


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