Tony’s Robot Project – Part 1

Tony's Robot Project.png

For Tony’s lessons over the past weeks, we were given a project of creating a robot, this included research, design ideas and a final product produced as either 2D or 3D art. 

As you can see above, those are my design ideas, for most of them I used the technique using the lasso tool that Tony has shown us in the past and I went for a serious look on the top ones, however because I wanted a wide variety to choose from at the end, I also drew some more cartoonish robots shown at the bottom as well.

A lot of research went into all of this, looking at concept art all over the internet of robots or even for games such as ratchet and clank which can hopefully be seen in a few of them, overall I am very happy with the outcome of these initial design ideas and look forward to producing the final piece, I am still unsure as to whether I should model it or draw it though.

In addition to that I am yet to decide which one of them to expand upon and make the final piece on, I am leaning towards the one at the top left currently though. To go a bit further I may even do different designs for the one I choose to see how that would go also. 


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