VFX – 3D Tracking – Lesson 2


Warp Stabilisation:

This week in Pete’s lesson we worked on fixing footage for the first part, being in the industry himself he explained that sometimes the footage passed to you isn’t the greatest and needs to be fixed every now and again, he then gave us some footage he recorded of the front of our college and showed us a few techniques to get rid of the fish lens effect and smooth the footage out. Here’s what we started with:


Pretty shocking right?? We worked on this by using the effect “optic compensation” and changing the FOV ro around 35, this gave it a weird blur that can’t be fixed but is much better than the first product.

One Point Tracking:

Now for the meat and potatoes, that fish you saw in the first gif? Yeah, that wasn’t actually there, here’s how I did it:

First, I inserted the footage, the fish and a null, I set the scene to the same amount of frames as the footage. I then selected the footage and went to “tracker” on the side and selected track motion and placed the tracking point on a point of high contrast where i wanted it (making the boxes bigger as I did it), I analysed the footage and assigned the null to it’s target, Finally I parented the null to the fish and it was done! All I needed to do was re position the fish to the right place! here it is again.


Two Point Tracking:

Fishy on college (1).gif


Believe it or not, this was almost as simple to do as the first one, apart from before you click track motion click all three of the boxes below to track rotation and scale as well as position, this will also add another point to track with, I did the same and put them on places of high contrast, then after it renders and you follow the rest of the steps of the last one, you’ll have the fish looking kind of odd on the building, to add the finiushing touch and have it adopt the lighting of the scene and use the colours of the building you will need to add “Linear Burn”in the Blend modes.



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