VFX – 3D Tracking


So, Last week in Pete’s lesson we took a look at 3D tracking for the first time! I loved every bit of this lesson personally as the end result was so simple but great considering what little it actually did to the footage.

After setting up the scene with the usual settings, 25 FPS , 1080p and 8 seconds long, the same length as the footage, I inserted my text with a readable font and a large size to see it. I set up the footage to be raytraced 3D, next we added 3D depth to the text and lighting to make it visible in the scene.

After this we inserted the footage and an effect called “3D Camera Tracker”and enabled Detailed analysis in it’s options and let it render out, after that we had a scene with several multi-coloured dots on it, Pete told us to find a ground plane and it’s best to use the middle of the footage, in this case it was 4 seconds in, I selected 3 of the dots in a triangle shape on the ground, this’ll make a sort of “Bullseye” on the floor, I right clicked it and selected “make ground plane”, I turned on text layer and that was the result. Tracked to stay on the bullseye the whole way through the scene!



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