Room Project – Submission

Well, that deadline came up faster than expected, this post will consist of the journey through the first project of the course, the highs and lows and what I’ve learnt. But first feel free to snoop around my bedroom through these photographs.

Reference Images:

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As you can see, it’s so simple and small it hurts, so when beginning the project I personally thought it would be great to do for a first project so that I could do everything to a high standard, little did I know there were a few problems with this.


For one there’s such a small amount of objects in my room that could be textured since there are so many that are only block colours. For the ones that weren’t they were hard as nails to do, I attempted for close to four hours to do a texture for the throw on my bed and came out the other end with something that looked so much worse, so in turn, I made the decision to only use materials for this project and get it as high a quality as I could and get some practice on texturing when working on solo models so that I’m not overwhelmed in a way like I was here.


Oh my lord this PlayStation was the death of me, I modelled it a total of three times, the first two took such a long time, all the ports were there with the exact shape and even all of the logos were in there as well, but for some reason every time I loaded up my room project after, it would disappear, leaving my to try and try again.

Those were the main issues, a little one for this finishing post was a Gif I tried to make of my room project without lighting but with materials included, I found that it corrupts with every attempt but you still see the majority of it so here it is anyway.


P.s. Hope that didn’t hurt your eyes.

Submission of my 3 favourite models:

I chose these three models as I spent A LOT of time on them, the desk was my first one, so simple yet it made me so happy with the way it turned out, I even modelled the drawers and door for the wire storage separately so that it would work if I wanted to animate them opening. My bed i’m proud of for my pillows in particular, I modelled them so that it looks like creases are in them and like my head had been on them to make them more realistic using soft selection, I also learned new tools such as NCloth to make realistic looking fabrics. Finally, my monitor, I personally think I got the materials pretty good in this one for my render.

Here are a few Gifs of the full room:




After those Gifs, it would be a good time to talk abut lighting. However, don’t let those blinds take your focus, I spent a lot of time modelling the window panes as well.


I loved dabbling in this properly for the first time, in those Gifs you can pretty clearly see how i did it as well, I added a sky sphere to imitate a sky outside with a spotlight beaming in for sunlight, I then used ambient occlusion on my materials and faked light bouncing off surfaces wherever the spotlight hit, overall, I got a pretty good result.


In the end I was extremely happy with my final renders but for some reason they turned out darker than the actual scene.

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I really did enjoy this project from start to finish, although it was frustrating from time to time I found that the endless hours spent on it have vastly improved my modelling, material and lighting skills. Textures need a lot of work, I know that but i’m looking forward to doing that with smaller projects of single models though to get my base skills down first. Next, I hope to model something that isn’t household objects, maybe something like the outside of a house and work on texturing with normal maps.


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