Animation Project – Toy car so far

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Today in Matt’s lesson we were shown how to rig models, we were shown hierarchies using parent and child objects, to explain this, when rigging the object, all the child objects would move with the parent objects but the parent object may not necessarily move with the child objects. We were then told to make a short Christmas animation, I personally chose a “Rocket League” esc toy car breaking out of a present. I have only spent a lessons worth of time on it so far but have managed to do a nice chunk of the body work.

Next lesson I will most likely finish my model will several moving parts, wheels and an aerial on the top that will be affected in different ways using hierarchies, deformers and constraints.

Deformers are high-level tools that you can use to manipulate (when modeling) or drive (when animating) the low-level components of a target geometry. constraints let you constrain the position, orientation, or scale of an object to other objects. Further, with constraints you can impose specific limits on objects and automate animation processes.

Above are Gifs of both the Low Poly and High Poly versions of the car, I will be animating the High Poly one.


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