VFX- Logo Animation


Today, I decided to do some extra work with VFX whilst working further on my logo, in the hopes that in the end i’d have something to put at the start of presenting work both with large presentations or even just being able to put it before showing an individual project or model.

Throughout the animation I was looking at doing a stylised geometric animation to fit the logo design. I did this by adding a polygon to begin with and then adding an effect called Radio Waves to that and changing the mask to “mask 1”, this then changed the rings to polygons, I then keyframed and changed the colour, frequency and width to to values that I was happy with so that all of these change throughout.

To get the effect where the polygon animates on over time, I added a solid with a gradient overlay with an angle gradient, then added an adjustment layer with the time displacement effect on with the gradient layer as the time displacement layer, I loved the original effect it gave as it kind of looks like a portal but I wanted it to render less in that time so I changed the time resolution from 60 to 8 fps to give it a better look for the logo in my opinion.

I then used a shape layer to make the dots going around the outer and inner edge, I put it under my time displacement as well so that it is still effected by it. After that I used the tint effect and scale wipe to imitate shadows on it and a texture in the background, edited it with multiply and edited the levels adjustment to give it the cool splashed paint look.

The final this I actually did was add the logo with a simple fade in and fade out by editing the opacity with keyframes and time remapped it to get the slow motion part in the middle with ease in and ease out on the keyframes to make it smoother.


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