Christmas Game Part 1- Producing the art


At the beginning of the month our NextGen group was told that we would be designing a Christmas game, needed for the start of December, we decided as a group that we would do it as a class instead of in smaller groups to increase the likelihood that it would both be done in time and also to a higher standard as we would all be designing a single level each.

The Idea:

The idea was inspired by the game WarioWare for the Wii, WarioWare involves the player going through increasingly harder/faster levels that they only have a short time to complete, in this case, the player would go through a calendar of December, each day being a new level all the way up to Christmas, where you would then have the hardest level on Christmas day as a sort of “Boss Battle”, the player would only have 3 lives to do this in and if possible we will eventually code the game to randomly choose which levels are on each day so the player has a different experience every time.

I then organised the class to suggest and record ideas of what we could have for each day, once a list of 25 was made we then chose one each and got to work on them. My personal level was that Santa had to eat the food left out for him quickly before he is caught downstairs, we decided on using flash as a 2D game would be easier and simple flash art style using shapes rather than something like the paintbrush tool so that the levels look similar.

Overall, I loved designing and creating the Santa shown above and also found it very simple, I have done Santa on one layer, the background on another, but also his mouth and arms on anther as well so that his arms can be coded to move to his mouth when a certain key press is made and his mouth can be animated to open and close when this is done. The coding of the mouth and arms is my next task along with choosing which food Santa eats/drinks, that’s where the real challenge is…


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