Sack animation

Sack wave.gifSack screenshot.PNG








Today in Matt’s lesson we were given the task to use a full body rig to animate an object, we were given the choice between a lamp like Pixar’s very own Luxo Jr. or the sack shown above, as you can clearly see I chose the flour sack, I made this decision because the sack had the more complex rig making it more of a challenge.

When beginning the animation I knew that I would make a shorter animation and try to get it as high a quality as I could in the few hours I  could in the lesson, I began by brainstorming what emotions I could portray and what actions could link to them, in the end I came up with an idea that I’d make the sack wave excitedly seeing perhaps another sack, taking advantage of the excess bits of fabric on the corners using them as arms and legs in a way, then, in this scenario the sack is ignored and and he is saddened by it.

Using pose to pose animation, I started with the wave, making start of at a fast pace, incorporating  follow through animation into it as the upper body of it is effected, moving left and right but at a delayed rate as the the arm like fabric does, also, taking advantage of using slow in and slow out throughout so that it looks more organic, even more so towards the end so it looks like it comes to the realisation that it’s being ignored to add anticipation, the using squash and stretch at the end when it stoops it’s sack-like head in sadness. Finally some secondary action in the way that it’s excess fabric arms are lowered at the end and it’s legs slide from underneath him to emphasise that it’s given up.

What I like about the animation is the fluidity of it, there are no parts of it in my opinion that look the actions skip or look completely out of place. However, what i’d like to improve about is animate it so it’s even slower after and perhaps a pause to add more anticipation and then once I have gotten everything to a point that i’m happy with i’d perhaps have it walk of the scene in a sad manner, slowly with it’s head down still and maybe even dragging the bottom fabric behind it.


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