Halloween Silhouette in Flash


Today in Chris’ lesson we were given the task to make a Halloween themed level with a silhouette design, since we were already familiar with the layout and tools of Flash our task was to create a Halloween themed scene using only 5 basic shapes, using them to create scenery. Once I had created the shapes I had to convert them to a symbol, this allowed me to easily drag and drop the shapes from my library tab. I used the curved rectangles to form the various hills you see in the foreground and background, I achieved the background effect by using the layering system and then editing the layers colours behind the front one to give an effect that they were in the distance, I also used the layer system when doing the moon and clouds to give it a nice colour gradient to show which clouds are in front or behind.

Once I made the hills I turned to make the buildings, I used the black block, the ledge and the windows, resizing and rotating each of them to make the house look almost crooked, I added simple aesthetics to the rest of the scene like the graves and the long grass with a scarecrow.

I went for a black and purple aesthetics to make it look more spooky, but not with the moon or clouds to make them stand out, I also put white stars in the background so they would as well.

The screenshot at the start was actually took the lesson after so by this time the ghost had not been added, in the next blog I will talk about that and adding game play.


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